7 Ways to Overcome Exam Stress

7 Ways to Overcome Exam Stress


7 Ways to Overcome Exam Stress

Worry accompanies us everywhere; when we go shopping, during decision-making, while thinking about the future, when not having enough time for something, when planning tasks, and even in the times we are idle. Its consequence, stress, is a modern health concern. It is pervasive, exhausting, and mentally draining. It is a constant attack on one’s mental wellness. Especially, for young students ill-equipped to handle stress, its effects may be debilitating. Stress is one of the six leading causes of death, and the numbers are steadily rising. In a 2014 study on academic-related stress among secondary school students in India, as high as 37 percent of students reported very high levels of stress while all participants reported having some level of stress for their exams. 

Thus, to help students overcome exam stress, the following techniques have been listed below.


Practice the Pomodoro Technique

Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, the Pomodoro Technique is a highly effective, simple method of time management. By measuring oneself in intervals of 25 minutes each, with a short break of five minutes following every interval, one can achieve higher productivity. The Pomodoro Technique enables one to focus better on their tasks.


Practice Mindfulness

The capacity of a human being to be fully cognizant of the present moment is mindfulness. Taking small breaks of half a minute to one each, whenever one faces a roadblock or encounters a difficult problem, would allow one to face their challenges with renewed vigor and focus. 


Talk About Your Problems Or Write It Down Along With Self-Affirmations.

One of the best ways to tackle stress is through venting one’s emotions to another. Be it a parent, friend, partner, or sibling, one can simply share their troubles and anxieties with them. Sharing worries would not only help the one sharing to feel their chest become lighter, but the one listening would grow to better understand their troubles. Alternatively, writing them down along with positive encouragement would allow one to simultaneously feel lighter and mentally stronger.


Get Some Fresh Air

Going outside for a bit, stretching the body, and getting some fresh air provide a powerful boost to one’s mood, helping one feel better. The air inside a room or a building can grow stale and unstimulating. However, the air outside is cool and refreshing, as long as the weather is right. Fresh air is known for increasing energy levels, lowering heart rate, and even improving digestion. It is often the right choice for a break.


Move Every 1.5 hours, and Exercise Once Daily

The human body faces muscular deterioration upon prolonged periods of sitting that last more than two hours. Thus, moving every one and a half hours is important to keep one’s body active. Moreover, exercising daily, especially during exams, would deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, increasing overall energy and endurance. Which, in turn, would further sharpen focus and help tackle challenges with greater ease.


Eat Well and Drink Well

Taking care of one’s health is certainly important. Eating and drinking properly will allow the body to function smoothly, which would help it to perform in optimum condition before an exam. Moreover, sleeping early before exam day is just as important, as the mere act boosts memory retention. Taking care of oneself will result in the body taking care of them.



Meditation, and even the simple act of deep breathing, allow us to take stock of life and give ourselves a complete mental reset, of sorts. Muscle relaxation is a direct consequence of meditation, which enables one to feel a soothing calm in their body. Mental silence allows one to sharpen focus and organize their inner state. This way, one would be able to tackle their problems from a new angle, with renewed focus.

Stress is but a small, avoidable part of one’s life. It comes and goes like the ebb and flow of a tide. Its impact is utterly ephemeral. It is with hope that all students overcome their stress with complete ease, through this article.