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Learn at the best commerce coaching institute in Dwarka, Delhi. Offering the most tried and tested methods to scoring the highest marks possible in the commerce stream, Adhyayanam Academy is the top commerce coaching institute for XIth and XIIth exams in Dwarka, Delhi. Providing a variety of study materials ranging from previous years’ question papers and mock tests to worksheets and assignments, Adhyayanam Academy thoroughly prepares their students for exams. Furthermore, revision classes and doubt-clearing sessions are frequently held for concerned students. Join the best commerce coaching classes in Dwarka, Delhi now.

XIth & XIIth Commerce

Adhyayanam Academy offers a specialized course for students of commerce in Class XIth and Class XIIth, helping them build a dynamic skillset for the future. From Maths to Business Studies and Accounting, this Adhyayanam Academy programme covers all subjects of the commerce stream. Helping them prepare for their school exams while building a foundation for the entrances exams of the next level, here, at Adhyayanam Academy, we take it a step further and offer crash courses to students who have very little time for preparations. Providing education and excellence in one package, this course helps young learners to master the necessary fundamental skills for the future.

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                                                    Adhyayanam Academy XI and XII Commerce Crash Course


Designed for Class XI and XII students looking to strengthen their understanding of Commerce subjects as well as gain exposure to the various types of questions asked in the Board Exam without needing to deviate from their own preparation, the Adhyayanam Academy Crash Course for XI and XII Commerce enables students to prepare for their exams in the shortest possible time. The course is of over 90 hours in length and covers all the topics of Commerce while assessing the students with Periodic Assignments and Tests, Mock Tests, Analysis of Previous Years’ Question Papers, Topic-wise Assignments and Study Material. The sessions cover all the important topics as well as several strategies for the exam. Students can resolve their queries during the class or discuss their doubts later with the respective faculty members.


Adhyayanam Academy Crash Course for 12th Commerce is the perfect course for Commerce students who want to become a class topper. This course has been designed by the experts at Adhyayanam Academy to provide a complete understanding of the subjects of Commerce in a short period of time. With the help of veteran teachers and an excellent faculty, students can learn important concepts and principles of accountancy, business studies, and commerce in general that are essential to academic success. The course leaves no stone unturned, covering all important topics relevant to the latest exam patterns. Adhyayanam Academy Crash Course for Class 12th Commerce for Commerce Exam provides a strong foundation for students who wish to pursue a career in finance or accounting. It is an ideal choice for students who want to prepare for their board exams or entrance exams. 


Course Pedagogy:


The Adhyayanam Academy Class XI and XII Commerce Crash Course follows an innovative pedagogy involving a flexible, but consistent schedule, wherein all the basic concepts are covered along with relevant examples and practice questions.


Pre-session: Students solve questions from each topic and keep their queries ready beforehand.

In-session: Students listen to the faculty carefully and practice all questions discussed along with the faculty itself. They also get all doubts cleared at this time.

Post-session: Students go through questions from the previous years’ papers. They also raise queries and clear any doubt from the respective faculty.




 Exam Tips


Here are some tips on how to prepare for your Commerce exams:


1.Know The Syllabus: Being familiar with the syllabus is the first step in preparing for any subject, exam, or course. The Adhyayanam Academy Class 11th and Class 12th Commerce Crash Course covers all the topics mentioned in the Class 11th and Class 12th Commerce syllabus. Gaining a thorough understanding of the syllabus would enable a student to overcome their exam anxiety, to a certain extent.


2.Practicing Previous Years’ Papers: The most common advice given while preparing for any exam is to practice with old question papers. For good reason, too. It is a great way to understand the exam pattern and its trends, along with the type of questions that may or may not be asked. The Adhyayanam Academy XI and XII Commerce Crash Course offers the previous years’ papers for students to practice with.


3.Taking Timed Mock Tests: Taking mock tests for a student is essential to assess preparation level. However, mock tests truly shine in value when they are timed to simulate a real exam environment. The Adhyayanam Academy XI and XII Commerce Crash Course offers mock tests designed to imitate an actual exam. This will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.


4.Regular Revision: Revision is the key to success in any exam. Every student must revise all the topics covered in the Adhyayanam Academy Class XI and XII Commerce Crash Course regularly to ensure they are well-prepared. This will help students to retain information for a longer period. 


5.Seek Help When In Doubt: One of the greatest benefits of a coaching institute is its capacity to answer a student’s queries with ease. If a student has any doubt or questions they don’t understand, they can freely seek help from instructors or classmates. The Adhyayanam Academy Class XI and XII Commerce Crash Course also offers a doubt-solving platform where students can get their queries resolved. In conclusion, preparing for an exam in Class 12 Commerce requires dedication and hard work. With the comprehensive Adhyayanam Academy Class XI and XII Crash Course and the above-mentioned tips, students can ace the board exams with ease.

Best Crash Course Coaching of Commerce Class 12


Looking for the best crash course Commerce coaching in Class 12? Search no more. Be a part of Adhyayanam Academy, the top online education platform of Delhi and Dwarka. Adhyayanam Academy provides the best solution through accessible, affordable education. Students looking to learn important concepts, subjects, and principles of commerce in a limited time frame may join this course. Delivering crash course education in a stress-free manner, Adhyayanam Academy enables students with the ability to reach the top of their class.


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