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One of the best CS coaching institutes in Dwarka, Adhyayanam Academy provides courses taught by elite company secretaries with years of experience in the field. Combined with the updated teaching methods with respect to industry trends and exam patterns, Adhyayanam Academy is the one of the best coaching institutes for CS exam in Dwarka, Delhi. Learn from the best at Adhyayanam Academy, the top coaching institute for the CS exam in Dwarka, Delhi. Prepare for the CS exam with ease at one of the best CS exam preparation institutes in Delhi.

Company Secretary (CS)

A Company Secretary is an executive directly assisting one or more directors, or individuals in similar positions, with key day-to-day administrative tasks, thus holding a pivotal managerial position in an organization. Adhyayanam Academy, with veterans in the field of management, administration, and execution of tasks, offers a powerful Company Secretary course that can enable any student to pass CSEET with ease in beginner, intermediate, and advanced coaching classes for acing the Company Secretary (CS) exam. Offering both crash and standard courses, these Adhyayanam Academy in-depth programmes are taught by elite CS executives with years of experience in administration and management.

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